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Facade Systems

Facade systems are engineering and building systems that include modern architectural lines, are preferred in the appearance of prestigious buildings and are implemented with various designs.
• Covered facade systems
• Silicon facade systems

Window / Door Systems

Aluminum joinery is building materials offering hundreds of color and texture alternatives, provides water and air proof, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, static resistance, fire resistance, etc.
• Aluminium door
• Aluminium window
• Aluminium sliding door
• Office dividing systems

Fire Resistant Systems

Fire resistant systems ensure the safety of the building and its user.

Composite Panels

It offers architects and designers unlimited opportunities for creative and unique facades.

Compact Decorative Panels

Compact decorative panels provide natural looks and aesthetic touches on the facades.

Skylight Systems

It is an aesthetic solution that provides natural lighting in buildings. İnstalling skylights which are energy efficient and of high quality paves a way for sustainable houses.

Winter Gardens

More light, more air, more space: building a wintergarden is the ideal way to add a spacious extension to your living area. Closed winter gardens and additional living spaces can be created with aluminum profiles.

Shutter Systems

Shutters, prevent unwanted sun light, rainfall and wind from entering the interiors and provides thermal insulation.

Glass Systems

Our factory supplies glasses system suitable for special weather and climatic conditions where the building is located which is providing performance values.

Sun Breakers

It is used to use solar energy more efficiently on facades and create shady areas when necessary. Sunbreakers are a perfect way of making a building more architecturally attractive and for reducing energy consumption from air conditioning.

Glass Railings

Aluminum glass railing systems are complementary and aesthetic elements of building and give any building a touch of elegance and modernity without losing an apex of safety and quality.


Glass fringes are generally used at the entrance of the buildings in order to protect them from precipitation and also to add aesthetics to the building.